Meet the Makers- MakerHive

20170817_193646The MakerHive is a Makerspace in Elkhart Indiana.  They started life as Make: Goshen back in late 2009/early 2010  and have survived and thrived through name and location changes.



The space is overflowing with 3D printing experts and 3D printers. 20170817_193700

Member have helped to run the Midwest RepRap fest for a number of years, and the founders of SeemeCNC are members as well.

20170817_193710  On an open night, members gather together, working on small projects, talking about ideas and collaborating on projects.  20170817_19371620170817_193724


Every corner of their space, which exists on the second floor of the founder’s business is crammed with making capacity.  But as in every successful makerspace we have visited so far, there is always room for some fun and a quirky personality. 20170817_19373020170817_194033






Collaborations in the space happened fluidly, with knowledge sharing a high priority.


Members in the  space also create and sell add ons and third party parts for SeeMeCNC 3D printers as an online business.  Some of the proceeds of this are donated back to the Makerspace to help fund new ventures and activities.20170817_200553


Although their space is currently a little tight, they are excited to be partnering with the Ethos Science/STEM center and will soon have a new Maker home inside that facility.  We look forward to visiting them again in the spring, once their move is complete. 20170817_193642

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